Company Overview

We are the leading producer and processor of store-brand organic milk and butter for U.S. retailers. Based in Boulder, Colorado, we operate organic dairy, heifer, and calf farms in Colorado and Texas, as well as an organic dairy processing plant in Platteville, Colorado. In early 2019, we expect to begin operations on our second milk plant in Columbia, Missouri.

aod-kids-cookies-and-milkOrganic agriculture, high standards of animal care and sustainable production are the cornerstones of our business. Each of our farms are certified organic by two USDA National Organic Program accredited certifiers, our milk plant is certified organic by Quality Assurance International, and all of our facilities have third-party animal welfare certification from Validus, a leading independent animal welfare auditor.

At Aurora Organic Dairy, we oversee the quality standards for milk production from cow-to-carton. Our vertically integrated supply chain allows us to ensure quality and traceability throughout the entire process. This, coupled with our 100% dedication to organic dairy and to store brands, provides our customers with the highest quality organic dairy products available.

We manage nearly 12,000 organic pasture acres where our dairy cows graze during the grazing season. Approximately 75,000 additional acres are used to grow organic forages and feed crops by more than 100 independent farmers who support our farms.

Our Locations: