Room to roam.

We built our Coldwater East and West Dairy Farms in 2007. They feature free stall barns and open, loose housing to allow our cows to roam throughout the year and have access to fresh air and sunshine.

Location Details:

  • 4,900 organic and transitional acres
  • Coldwater East Dairy: 4,240 milking cows
  • Coldwater West Dairy: 2,740 milking cows
  • Dry and Maternity cows at Coldwater Farms: 1,750
  • Heifer cows at Coldwater farms: 990


  • Validus Certified Animal Welfare Review
  • Validus Certified Worker Care Review
  • Quality Assurance International Certified Organic
At a Glance:
  • 4,900 Acres
  • 9,720 Cows