Delivering organic integrity to everyone, everywhere.

We believe in organic agriculture and offering consumers the choice to buy dairy products made without synthetics and with great care for dairy animals and farmland.

Our organic promise to you:

  • Cows not treated with synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics
  • At least 30% of cow feed is from organic pasture during grazing
  • Pasture not treated with synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers; produced without GMOs
  • Milk processed in certified-organic milk plants

Cow To Carton

Our Supply Chain

As a dairy farmer and milk bottler, Aurora Organic Dairy has unique control of organic integrity, milk quality and food traceability. Learn more about our innovative dairy process.

From Crops

Producing our own certified organic feed.

To Cows

Managing organic cows with care and compassion.

To Carton

Products with integrity at our own plants.

To Consumer

Delivering quality organic milk to the mainstream.

Producing our own certified organic feed.

Our integrated organic dairy model starts with certified organic feed produced without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. We manage nearly 12,400 acres of certified organic pastures for grazing our dairy cows. In addition, we source from approximately 100 independent farmers growing organic feed on an estimated 75,000 acres.

Managing 21,000 milking cows across 8 farms with care and compassion.

We place animal well-being at the forefront, with the highest standards of cow care and comfort on our farms, each maintaining two USDA accredited certifications. Our cows are never given synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. Our cows also receive at least 30% of their dry matter intake (feed) from grazing. We milk our cows two or three times daily, producing high-quality raw milk that we ship to our Platteville, Colo., and Columbia, Mo., plants.

Making products with integrity at our own dairy plants.

Our Colorado and Missouri milk processing facilities are among only a few plants in the U.S. dedicated solely to organic milk processing. Once our milk arrives at our plants, we process quickly for maximum freshness and quality. Next, we pasteurize then homogenize the milk into the different fat content and packaging specifications for each of our dozens of retail customers. All throughout this stage, our on-site testing labs ensure excellence in milk quality and food safety. Finished goods are stored cold at our plants, ready for shipment to stores nationwide.

Delivering quality, traceable organic milk to the mainstream.

By efficiently managing the entire organic dairy production process, we deliver fresh, high quality and traceable milk at prices affordable to all U.S. consumers choosing organic. We work closely with our retail partners to produce the products their customers desire – from gallons to single serves, and from butter to cream.

Platteville Milk Plant

Our Products

Providing the best quality organic dairy products for consumer brand owners throughout the market.

Discover our full lineup of organic dairy products.

  • 8 oz. Single Serve
    8 oz. Single Serve
  • 32 oz. Bottle
    32 oz. Bottle
  • Half Gallon
    Half Gallon
  • Gallon

News & Updates

Follow us on our journey.

We’re proud of our work and deeply believe integrity and transparency go hand in hand. Stay in touch with our latest news and insights.

Aurora Organic Dairy Officially Launches Columbia (MO) Milk Plant

State and local officials gathered for a special ceremony today to officially open Aurora Organic Dairy’s 127,000 sq. ft. milk production and storage facility. The plant is the company’s second milk bottling facility and is expected to have created more than 100 new jobs in the local community by year’s end. “Aurora Organic Dairy is …

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Thinking Small (and Flavorful)

Consumer demand for dairy on-the-go is rising, and Aurora Organic Dairy is increasing its ability to produce smaller-sized and shelf-stable products. With the addition of its Columbia, Mo., processing facility, Aurora Organic is now producing more high-quality organic milk in 8 oz., 12 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. Each of these sizes shelf-stable because Aurora …

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Solar Arrays in Gill, Colorado

The sun shines 300 days a year in Colorado, and Aurora Organic Dairy’s farms in Gill, Colorado aren’t letting that precious solar energy go to waste. The company recently commissioned Namaste Solar of Boulder, CO to install nearly 2,000 solar panels at its High Plains and High Ridge Dairy farms. The solar panel system returns …

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Little Calf Ranch Dairy Farm
Gill, CO