More Organic Auditing

Farm inputs, soil, crops, livestock management, facilities, dairy quality – all undergo rigorous organic audits and unannounced inspections by USDA-accredited certifiers. We have two independent certifiers for each of our farms, double that of most organic producers. As a result, we are able to offer the industry’s highest level of trust, transparency and traceability into the dairy products we sell to our brand owners everywhere.

High Plains Dairy Farms
Gill, CO

Organic Dairy Farms

Meeting the exacting National Organic Program requirements with a commitment to cow comfort, grazing and sustainability.

Organic Processing

Focused on organic dairy quality and innovation every day, not just down days.

Supplier Standards

Setting expectations and ensuring excellence from our suppliers and ourselves.

Pepper Dairy
Dublin, TX


Living Our Company Values

Treading lightly on the planet, treating our people and animals with respect, giving back to our local communities.


Aurora Organic Dairy Facts

  • 0

    Use of Synthetic Pesticides, Synthetic Growth Hormones

  • 0

    Use of GMOs in Land Management or Pasture/Feed Production

  • 2

    USDA-Accredited Certifiers for Each of Our Farms

  • 30%

    More Than 30% of Cows’ Dry Matter Intake Comes From Pasture During Grazing

  • 95%

    of Organic Feed Sourced Domestically

  • 17

    Years of Continuous and Valid Organic Certifications for Every Farm and Facility