Pepper Dairy
Dublin, TX


Access to the Outdoors

Our farms are in sunny, temperate Colorado and Texas. That means cows can be outside year-round, enjoying an abundance of sunshine.

In addition, our dairy farms are surrounded by more than 17,000 organic pasture and crop acres. Our cows receive more than 30% of their dry matter intake (feed) from pasture during the grazing season, which is no less than 120 days, in accordance with USDA National Organic Program regulations.

Little Calf Ranch Dairy Farm
Gill, CO


Ample Housing, with Easy Access to Grazing

Cows have open housing with constant access to exercise areas. Our farms are designed for our animals to graze while being near shelter, milk parlors and herd health facilities.

Little Calf Ranch
Gill, CO

Cow Care

Prioritizing Prevention, Treating with Organic

Early detection is key. We continuously monitor our herds to ensure their health, and focus on preventing disease through routine animal monitoring and providing our cows with ample room to exhibit natural behaviors. Cows are treated following the strictest organic standards.

Pepper Dairy Farm
Dublin, TX