An innovative organic model.

Our first High Plains Dairy was built as a greenfield model for a large-scale organic, pasture-based dairy in 2006. It was innovative, in that it positioned the milking parlor and housing for the dairy cows in the center of thousands of acres of certified organic pasture, allowing the cows to graze during the grazing season, have year-round access to the outdoors and be milked 2-3 times each day. We now have five distinct farms that are part of our High Plains Complex. High Plains features a dedicated maternity barn to provide our maternity cows extra care and attention, as well as our Little Calf Ranch where we raise our own organic-born calves.

Location Details:

  • 7,050 acres organic and transitional
  • 4,100 organic cows at High Plains Dairy Farm
  • 4,100 organic cows in milk at Little Calf Ranch & Dairy Farm
  • 3,600 organic cows in milk at High Meadow Dairy Farm
  • 2,000 organic cows in milk at High Ridge Dairy
  • 620 calves
  • Free stall barns
  • 170 employees


  • Validus Certified Animal Welfare Review
  • Validus Certified Worker Care Review
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture Certified Organic
  • Oregon Tilth
At a Glance:
  • 7,050 Acres
  • 13,800 Cows
  • 170 Employees

High Plains Dairy Farms
Gill, CO