We partner with Colorado State University’s College of Agriculture to support scholarships, research and organic education.
High Plains Dairy Farm
Gill, CO

Soil Health

Enriching Our Earth

Our on-staff soil scientists ensure we implement best soil health practices and protect the health and productivity of our land.

High Plains Dairy Farm
Gill, CO

Waste Management

Practicing Sustainability

Creating systems that convert farm manure into valuable fertilizer and recycling more than 750 tons of plant waste.

High Ridge Dairy Farm
Gill, CO

Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Energy

Reducing Our Impact on Climate Change

We work continuously to reduce emissions and energy use:

  • 100% carbon-neutral energy by 2020
  • Solar panel installation
  • Plant energy efficiency systems
  • LED lighting on farm
  • Reducing vehicle idling and shipping distances
  • Composting nearly all manure
  • Research to minimize cow emissions 


Managing Energy and Water Usage

Preserving precious water with:

  • On farms, reusing before flowing into irrigation lagoons
  • Advanced irrigation pivots maximizing efficiency
  • At plants, recycling more than 75 percent

Agriculture Education Tour
High Plains Dairy Farms
Gill, CO


Living Our Company Values

Treading lightly on the planet, treating our people and animals with respect, giving back to our local communities.


Each year, we support local 4H students with scholarships.
Weld County, CO