These core values drive our long-term strategic planning and everyday business decisions:

  1. Teamwork.

    Our team enjoys the challenge of building competitive advantages through the uncommon integration of dairy farming and processing.

  2. Excellence.

    By taking pride in our work, we share a passion to make the best and be the best.

  3. Entrepreneurial.

    We embody a spirit of dairy innovation and take calculated risks to exceed customer expectations.

  4. Compassionate.

    We place animal well-being at the forefront with the highest standards for cow care and comfort.

  5. Transparent.

    We are proud of our work and openly share our production practices with stakeholders.

  6. Organic.

    We are committed to organic agriculture and offering consumers the choice to buy dairy products made without synthetics and with great care for animals and our farmland.

  7. Stewardship.

    We care for our land, water and air, while supporting the communities where we are located.