High Meadow Dairy Farm
Gill, CO


Keeping Our Cows Healthy

For our cows, prevention is the cure. When an organic herd is kept healthy, there is no need for synthetic antibiotics and other remedies that are prohibited by organic standards. We practice round-the-clock animal monitoring, and treat cows with organic-approved vaccines.

Platteville Dairy Farm

Compassionate Care

Innovations That Put Animals First

When you walk through our farms, chances are you’ll pass by at least one of our “Be Compassionate” signs. It guides our beliefs for how we manage our farms and facilities, as well as our daily interactions with each cow and each other.

  • Clean and fresh feed and water
  • Clean shelter and protection
  • Early detection and treatment
  • Access to all housing areas
  • Handling cows in ways to reduce stress
  • Open housing
  • Free stall barns
  • Never tied to a stall
  • Barns and parlors designed for cow comfort
  • Farm employees receive continuing cow care education
  • Paired calf housing

Read more about our culture of animal compassion, and see our animal welfare practices in action.

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Validus Certification

Our dairy farms are audited and certified by Validus, an independent firm that is USDA process-verified for their animal care certification. The Validus Animal Care Review certification program includes a comprehensive assessment of each farm’s animal care practices with more than 115 animal welfare metrics, including body condition, behavior, facilities, protocols and management.

Each farm consistently earns Validus’ highest possible audit rating of “excellent.” Read more about the Validus Third Party Certification process.

High Plains Dairy Farm
Gill, CO


Living Our Company Values

Treading lightly on the planet, treating our people and animals with respect, giving back to our local communities.


High Plains Dairy Farm
Gill, CO