Validus Certification

To ensure we maintain our commitment to animal care, each of our seven organic dairy farms and our processing plant are audited and certified by Validus. Validus is an independent firm that is also USDA process-verified for their animal care certification.

The Validus Animal Care Review certification program includes a comprehensive assessment of each farm’s animal care practices, along with strengthening our rigorous standards. Validus also audits our processing facilities to ensure the integrity of animal care certified milk is maintained during manufacturing.


Platteville Dairy Farm, CO

As part of the Validus certification process, auditors annually visit each of Aurora Organic Dairy’s farms to conduct a comprehensive inspection of animal care practices. The criteria evaluated include body condition, behavior, facilities, protocols and management.

Aurora Organic Dairy consistently receives the highest possible audit rating of “excellent” from Validus at all of our organic dairy farms. Additional information may be found at