Supporting People and Communities

The nearly 700 employees in Colorado and Texas that make up Aurora Organic Dairy embody the principles of hard work, commitment to excellence and dedication to organic stewardship.

We attract and retain people with unmatched knowledge and expertise, providing competitive wages and industry-leading benefits. From our animal care specialists to plant operators, quality assurance scientists to logistics managers, we are incredibly proud of the innovative and hard-working team we have built at Aurora Organic Dairy.

670 full-time employees as of December 2017
(nearly 100% of total workforce)

With our cow-to-carton operations and vertical integration, our employees have exposure to different aspects of our business, which provides a unique strategic advantage. For example, our animal care specialists receive continuous feedback from our quality assurance team at our milk plant to ensure the quality of the milk is high, and any concern with animal health can be remedied immediately. Our farm teams receive this feedback, and use it to further improve their practices at the farms.

We have a strong commitment to our employees, which is demonstrated in the unique and comprehensive benefits we provide at all levels within the organization. Additionally, we receive feedback from our employees in company-wide employee surveys, which tell us what we’re doing well, and areas where we can improve our engagement and communication with staff.

Approximately 62% of our employees are employed in agricultural jobs and work at our dairy farms in Colorado and Texas. Our milk processing plant in Colorado employs approximately 28% of our total workforce in manufacturing jobs, and the remaining 10% of our workforce is made up of administrative and management support functions, which are based in our Boulder, Colorado central office.

We recognize the importance of our relationships with our employees and the people upon whom our business depends. This goes beyond the Aurora Organic Dairy family and extends to independent farmers in our network who provide us with feed, forages, raw milk and animal husbandry services. Working with farmers and businesses in our communities helps to ensure greater participation in organics, and contributes to the vitality and vibrancy of our communities for generations to come.

AOD Platteville, CO

Platteville Milk Plant, CO