Employee Care

WorkerCareCertIn 2012, we expanded our certification with Validus beyond animal welfare and were the first dairy company to become Validus Worker Care certified. Similar to their rigorous animal welfare requirements, the Worker Care audit and certification provides an important, unbiased third-party audit of our farms and our associates to ensure employees are legally hired, fairly compensated and treated, provided a safe working environment and offered appropriate training to ensure competency in their job.

In order to achieve certification, each farm must undergo a comprehensive audit that includes management and employee interviews, document review and a full inspection of the dairy farm to ensure all employee materials are up-to-date and available, and the work conditions must meet the criteria of the certification. We are proud to have all of our farms certified, and each farm received a score of above 90% (out of 100%). In order for an operation to become Validus Worker Care certified, it must achieve a minimum score of 80% with no critical failures. To learn more about Validus, please visit www.validuscertified.com.


High Plains Dairy Farms, Gill, CO