Animal Husbandry is a Top Priority

High standards for animal care are the cornerstones of farm operations at Aurora Organic Dairy. From our milking facilities to our pastures, to our barns, we pride ourselves on maintaining exacting standards for animal welfare.

We maintain industry-leading protocols for the care and comfort of our organic dairy cows by requiring each of our farms to be certified by Validus, a USDA process-verified independent animal welfare auditor. Click here for more information about Validus.


Pepper Farm in Dublin, TX

As organic dairy farmers, we fundamentally understand that high-quality milk comes from healthy cows, and we place the highest priority on science-based disease prevention and on keeping our cows healthy and stress-free. We work hard to ensure that each cow on our farms is well-nourished and properly treated.

We focus on preventing disease through routine animal monitoring, and ensure our cows have year-round outdoor access with ample room to exhibit their natural behaviors. Our herds eat nutritionally dense organic pasture and feed, and are cared for by well-trained, experienced veterinarians and Animal Husbandry Caregivers. Our approach to animal care makes a real difference in our products. For more detailed information about our high standards of animal care, please refer to our 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report.