Organic Feed And Pasture

As a 100% dedicated organic milk producer, we follow the comprehensive USDA National Organic Program guidelines for the care and feeding of our animals.

aod-organic-difference_tableThe ration of stored feed we provide to our cows is developed by a nutritionist and varies depending on the season and the production cycle of the cow. We grow some of our own organic feed, and we support more than 120 independent farmers, who manage more than 70,000 acres of organic farmland to grow livestock feed crops. All feed is certified organic by USDA-accredited certifiers, and is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. In addition to certified organic pasture forages from grazing, the feed rations include: organic alfalfa hay, grass hay, silages, corn, barley, wheat, soy bean meal, soy hulls and organic approved vitamin and mineral supplements.


Stratford, TX

Our farms are surrounded by more than 14,000 certified organic pasture and crop acres, and all cows older than 6 months receive a minimum of 30% of their dry matter intake for at least 120 days during the grazing season, as required by the organic regulations.

Our cows are not treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. And, no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on our pastures, or to grow the feed we purchase for our cows. For more information about the comprehensive requirements of organic certification, please visit the USDA National Organic Program.