Organic Commitment

20-year Commitment to Organic

For 20 years, Aurora Organic Dairy has produced organic milk. In 1994 we began producing organic milk for the new start-up brands in the organic dairy industry. In 2003, we committed exclusively to organic. Since then, we have continued to expand our operations to meet the growing consumer demand for high-quality organic dairy products.

aod_usda-organicThe USDA National Organic Program requires that producers and manufacturers achieve a rigorous set of standards for agricultural crops, livestock management and food processing. We take great pride in our commitment to organic, and in our ability to meet the rigorous criteria of the USDA organic regulations.

Because organic cows cannot receive antibiotics to prevent or treat disease, we have a comprehensive animal health and wellness program that focuses on disease prevention. It includes high standards of sanitation at our facilities, quality organic feed and bedding, organic-approved vaccines, activity collars that help to identify when a cow is sick, and employees who are trained to recognize when a cow needs attention. We evaluate our cows daily for health indicators, and our nutritionist modifies feed rations for each group of cows based on needs.


Platteville, CO

Our suppliers are required to meet our standards for organic excellence, and we are proud to support more than 120 independent farmers who farm more than 70,000 total organic crop acres used to grow organic feed for our dairy cows. For more information about our unwavering commitment to organic, please visit our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.