Our Products

aod-kids-drinking-milkAt Aurora Organic Dairy, we specialize in organic dairy products that help retailers build their own brands. With a focus on quality, we process the raw milk from our farms and select partner farms at our state-of-the-art processing plant in Platteville, Colorado. Our plant is dedicated to organic milk processing.

We produce the majority of our milk on our own farms, but work with select independent organic dairy farms who meet our standards for quality and animal welfare to fulfill the growing demands of our retail customers.

We offer a variety of extended shelf life organic milk products in both gallon and half-gallon sizes in all fat contents, as well as organic milk with omega-3 fatty acids. Through relationships with third-party manufacturers, we also supply both salted and unsalted organic butter for our retail customers, as well as bulk organic cream and organic milk powders to manufacturers. In 2018, we began to introduce additional value-added organic milk products, including flavored milks, fortified milks and grass-fed milk.