Our Values

Aurora Organic Dairy is a values-based business, and these values drive our long-term strategic planning and everyday business decisions. As such, at Aurora Organic Dairy, we believe …

Cow Care

The health and well-being of our dairy animals are our top priority.


Organic agriculture removes the use of synthetics from food production, reduces our impacts on the environment and provides consumers a healthful choice they want.

Environmental Stewardship

We will be conscious of our impact on the planet and preserve our natural resources for future generations.


Strong relationships are built on trust forged by openness and honesty.


Employee satisfaction and development are keys for our success.


The needs of our stakeholders are as important as our own.


We must earn our customers’ business every day by delivering relevant, high-quality products at an exceptional value.


New ideas and entrepreneurship from stakeholders and talent across our organization drive industry leadership.


Financial health and return to shareholders are necessary to sustain our business and mission.