Organic Dairy Farms

The vast majority of the raw milk that goes into Aurora Organic Dairy products is produced on our company-owned organic dairy farms in Colorado and Texas. The temperate climates in these areas provide an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, allowing our cows to be outside year round. Our dairy farms are surrounded by more than 14,000 organic pasture and crop acres. Our cows receive more than 30% of their dry matter intake from pasture during the grazing season, which cannot be less than 120 days, in accordance with USDA National Organic Program regulations.


High Plains Dairy Farms, Gill, CO

Cows are housed in either loose, open housing or free stall barns with access to exercise areas. Our farms are designed specifically to allow our animals to graze while being near shelter, milk parlors and herd health facilities. This farm design provides the animals with protection from the elements, year-round access to the outdoors and the ability for ample grazing time during the grazing season.

Animal care is the cornerstone of farm operations at Aurora Organic Dairy. We strongly believe that the better our animals are treated, the healthier they are. Healthy, well-nourished cows produce better-quality organic milk. We have on-staff veterinarians and partner with local experts and nutritionists to ensure the well-being of our herds. We continuously monitor our herds to ensure their health, and focus on preventing disease through routine animal monitoring and providing our cows with ample room to exhibit natural behaviors. Our comprehensive employee training programs for animal care help to ensure our cows are treated well. Consistent animal care, feeding, milking and farm management protocols across our dairy farms allow us to maintain high quality standards across the Aurora Organic Dairy system. Learn more about our animal welfare certification from Validus.

Our 100% dedication to organic milk production means our animals are fed a mixed ration of organically certified forages and grains with vitamins and minerals, in addition to pasture during the grazing season. Our cows are not treated with artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. And, no GMOs, chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used on our pastures, or to grow our cattle feed.

With a strong foundation of sustainability, each of our farms sets goals and employs practices that are focused on conserving natural resources. Learn more about our Environmental Stewardship practices.