Environmental Stewardship

Reducing our Environmental Impact

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As an organic dairy company, we have always been conscious of our impact on the planet. The affect of agriculture – particularly livestock operations – on global warming and overall environmental degradation has been widely publicized. This, along with the U.S. dairy industry’s efforts to reduce the overall impact of dairy production and processing (U.S. Dairy CSR), further heightened our awareness of our environmental impact areas.

At the same time, consumer demand for high-quality organic dairy products is at an all-time high. At Aurora Organic Dairy, our long history in the dairy business and unique cow-to-carton supply chain allows us to understand and measure the large resources required to be both a producer and processor of organic dairy products.

In 2008, we began to track our operations’ energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Soon after, we added other impact areas, such as water, transportation, and solid waste and recycling that affected our overall environmental performance. We have since developed an internal tracking tool to collect and measure data for each of our facilities, in each of these areas, and set company-wide goals against our environmental performance.

As an integrated dairy farm and processing company, AOD’s sustainability initiatives encompass the following areas:

– Nurturing soil health for organic feed crops and pastures

– Managing waste at each facility

– Tracking and reducing energy expenditures and carbon emissions

– Using renewable resources whenever practical

– Conserving water resources and reusing water whenever possible

– Continually improving the support provided to animals and people

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