Letter from the CEO

Marc Peperzak, Founder & CEO

Marc Peperzak, Founder & CEO

Dear friends of Aurora Organic Dairy (AOD),

Our Company was founded to bring the highest quality and freshest organic milk to mainstream America, with more affordable pricing and improved availability for consumers. It is this mission and our core Company values that drive our day-to-day decision-making and overall vision of corporate citizenship.

Each of our major expansions over the last two years has not only supported our mission, but has also driven environmental savings. For example, as we increase our milk production with new dairy farms, our focus has been to expand our operations in Colorado, which reduces the average distance our raw milk is shipped for processing. Likewise, as we’ve expanded our milk plant to increase our processing capacity, we have used state-of-the-art technology and energy efficient features to conserve energy.

Per half gallon equivalent of milk in 2015 vs. 2012 baseline

Per half gallon equivalent of milk
in 2015 vs. 2012 baseline

Greater efficiencies and the higher volumes of milk produced and processed at our facilities have driven reductions in our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use per half gallon equivalent of milk. In areas that have proven more challenging, such as waste recycling and farm water measurement, we have placed renewed emphasis on investments in people and technologies to ensure we improve our progress toward our goals.

Because we grow feed crops and pasture, own cows and farms, and process organic milk, we can introduce values-driven practices throughout our supply chain. To confirm we are doing our best to care for our animals, we certify our farms – and our raw milk and heifer suppliers – to high standards of animal welfare through Validus, a third-party animal welfare certification program. Over the last two years, we have made great strides in providing our employees with safe working environments, enhanced job training, better communication, and competitive pay and benefits. Thank you for your interest in our corporate citizenship program. We recognize that we are learning as we go, and we appreciate your support as our knowledge and ability to manage our various impact areas continue to evolve. As one of our most important stakeholder groups – our cows – would say … we will continue moooooooving forward toward our goals.


Marc Peperzak, Founder & CEO