Milk Processing Intern

Production Supervisor / PTO Relief Operator


Platteville, CO

Full Time Internship


The Milk Processing Intern Program is designed to give the intern a general overview of the Dairy Industry as well as Organic Milk processing. This intern will be learning about the dairy industry from cow to carton. They will be operating equipment, maintaining company directed quality standards, maintaining accurate and complete records, and adhering to recognized GMP standards. The intern will perform required procedures during their work day to ensure integrity of product.


• All plant personnel have the responsibility to monitor and report any deviations from our Food Safety and Food Quality (HACCP & SQF) programs to your immediate supervisor.
• An overview of Regulatory, Quality, Utilization and Farm Operations will be done in the first week.
• Plant operations, following process flow, lab duties, maintenance, warehouse, continuous improvement and supervisory duties will be the remainder of the internship.
• Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices and Safety Procedures.
• Will gain a strong understanding of GMP standard and in-house quality control measures.
• Follow proper milk handling procedures when unloading and transferring milk.
• Follow start-up, production and CIP protocols in all areas of the plant.
• Complete required logs and documentation.
• May shadow operators in several different departments, learning functionality of equipment and proper procedures for operation.
• May work with production and quality auditing, shift reports, and production scheduling.
• Maintain a clean working area.
• Communicate any potential quality issues to QA Management.
• Upon completion of internship program, the intern will provide a 15-minute presentation on their experience.


• High school diploma or G.E.D. required.
• Must be currently enrolled at the University of Missouri or Moberly Area Community College.
• Must have completed 2 years of Dairy Manufacturing, Food Science, Microbiology, Business or related field.
• Organization and time management skills helpful.
• Ability to juggle multiple tasks often without losing track of the essentials.
• Quick problem solver and good communication skills.
• Detail oriented team member with a strong, honest work ethic and the ability to handle multiple tasks daily.

Internship candidates must complete the Application form and forward it to the attention of Kristin Driscoll, Continuous Improvement Manager, or fax 720-564-0409.

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send to fax 720-564-0409,
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